Bullshit PSA: Halo 5 Guardians

So it’s time to live up to this site’s name and talk about industry bullshit. This is the first of potentially many Bullshit PSA’s. These will be very short blog posts about my stance on stupid, condescending business practices this industry throws at us and here’s one of them to prove just how shitty this industry has become.

Now this could be considered old news as I don’t keep up to date with this stuff but I can and will still keep a record. If you haven’t yet purchased Halo 5 and are thinking of buying it, DON’T!

Here’s why. Now microtransactions are obviously the main issue here but it goes deeper than that. Halo 5’s creators 343 made an animated short which proves just how us gamers are treated by these companies. Heck what’s insulting the most is that 343 aren’t even a publisher. Even Moneyvision and EA wouldn’t have the balls to make such a reckless statement but you know what? If we let this stand, we will only make things worse for gaming. If you buy Halo 5, you will be contributing to a company who treats gamers like children. Even if you are an under 12 year old gamer, even you should be insulted by this condescending statement because you’re still a consumer and is US consumers that keep companies like this running… (and shareholders too).

343: “We’re better than you, you suck DEAL WITH IT… and keep giving Moneysoft money so we can keep our jobs”

Here’s the video in question for those who want to see proof first hand:

Halo 5 REQ System Tutorial
(Video property of Microsoft)

This my friends is why I’m glad I don’t own an Xbox One and if you do, you have my deepest sympathy, especially if you’re a Halo fan too. I used to play Halo back during Halo 3 and Reach, though not a long term fan I did have fun playing them back then but to make things even worse is that they have taken out split screen.

Me and my friends used to play split screen Halo all the time. It was like a ritual. We played Smash Bros Melee, then Kirby Air Ride then Halo all day it was just these 3 games and we loved it. Now Moneysoft are forcing players to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold to play their “multiplayer” well fuck you Moneysoft and fuck your black lump of plastic you call a games console. Monthly fees are ridiculous too, don’t join Xbox Live ever, I did and I regretted it. Avoid Moneysoft.


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