Update: Video section and new format

So I have added a new section called Video’s. This is where I will upload non-commentary playthroughs of games I like. I have put my playthrough of Painkiller up there for you to view.

Why am I doing this you ask? Well for one I like to keep a record of my gameplay but I hope that I will also be able to help others in certain sections (such as getting past the vampire at the end of the catacombs in Painkiller). For the most part, my playthroughs will be rather basic stuff. They won’t necessarily cover absolutely everything as I am not an expert at every game. They will moreso be a fun little side gig because as a gamer, I love to play games as well as write about them and why not share some of that.

If there is knowledge to impart I will share it, however I don’t want to feel obligated to inform you of everything, if you want that then you should go and watch Splitplaythrough’s video’s or something. The primary focus of these video’s isn’t to inform, it’s for me to have fun and add some variety to the site. Also it gives me a reason to continue making playthroughs. Whilst my Painkiller playthrough was admittedly rushed, I hope to make future playthroughs more in depth so that they can be more informative because it’s not just about me having fun, I want to offer something of value to the viewers.

Alongside the video’s will be a short paragraph describing what is going on in the video, kinda like a post commentary.  This can include commenting on funny stuff such as fails as well as providing tips for people who may be struggling at the game or want to see a completely different approach to a game. I often like to discuss the pros and cons of certain things such as the pros and cons of the stakegun in Painkiller.

The videos on here will likely be full on playthroughs and other one-time videos will be found on my Youtube Channel where I may or may not have footage for future videos.

The videos embedded on this site contain copyrighted content not owned by me, the only thing I can 100% guarentee with the videos is that all the gameplay is done my myself and that all of the annotations are written by myself as well as editing. As for the rest, it is all copyrighted material which I use under fair use to inform.

Videos have multiple purposes. A lot of the time, I find myself more interested in a game after having watched a playthrough of it. This is the main reason why I added this video section, to inspire others to give these games a try for they are all games I love. I will never play a game that I hate because why would I?


Click here to watch my recent videos


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