Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27

Warcraft 3 patch notes

Looks like there’s a new patch for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, Here are the contents. It appears that MAC users will have an easier time playing the game. As for Battle.net, I think the maphacking community are probably shitting themselves right now, they actually have to play the game without hacks :o.

I honestly never imagined Blizzard would step foot back into Warcraft 3 Battle.net ever again. I doubt they’ll be able to fix the smurfs, the godawful hosting system or the horrible community though. It will be a shame. I wonder if the classic game’s team have the balls to moderate this game like the GM’s do in WOW. I mean we’re talking about Battle.net here, the 4chan of online gaming.

To be honest, with this new patch, I think Battle.net has lost it’s identity. Without maphackers it just won’t be the same. Who else are people going to blame for losing because someone had a sneaky shade in their base? What else is a BM player gonna blame when the enemy heard them wind walking into their base and decide to base camp?

It also kinda sucks that I lost all of my replay footage because of this patch… damn… there were some good times had playing on Battle.net even if it is a scum filled shit hole, it’s a place of freedom and liberty, a place where you could switch off your adult brain and enjoy some childish banter in games such as:

God I just love this game for so many reasons…

The fact is, playing Warcraft 3 Battle.net is a guilty pleasure of mine, sure I suck at the game and I get ridiculed for it on a daily basis but I also like the fact that there is freedom to give them some of their own medicine.

Trash talking is the name of the game, I sometimes look at myself playing Warcraft 3 and I think to myself “this is just so painfully absurd but I just love every little bit of it”. There is nothing more fun that just randomly trash talking the enemy to invoke an argument and watching people get enraged. I find Battle.net give me agency to let loose my inner 12 year old, something I just love to do, I love being an immature child, it’s more fun than being a sensible adult. Battle.net takes away all the responsibilities of being grown up and flushes it down the toilet.

I don’t have to hold back on saying something just because it isn’t politically correct, I’ll just say it. If I think you’re a moron, I’m going to say it but deep down, I don’t mean it, it’s just some silly childish banter. Games like Mafia allow people to act like children again, it brings out the worst in people and I love it. I love the hate, I love the rage, I love the heated arguments this game brings.

Mafia is a masterpiece of game design for this reason… even though it is just a mod. It’s a game which revolves around trolling people in a light-hearted manner. If I want to name myself Adolf Hitler, I can without having a profanity filter like Town Of Salem does. Seriously fuck profanity filters. They’re stupid pieces of shit. If I really gave a flying fuck about profanity filters do you really think I’d be swearing right now? Of course not.

Of course Battle.net has it’s fair share of obscenities with games like “The Rape Game” and “Revenge Of The Niggers” but what do you expect? Warcraft 3 is no man’s land, if you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Freedom brings both good and bad. Look at Farcry 3 for example, people can smoke whatever dope they want out there but at the same time there are shitheads who will exploit the freedom and attack others and sell them as slaves.

As such if they did for whatever reason decide to moderate Battle.net, it would completely lose it’s identity. It’s like if Russia took over Rapture in Bioshock and made it into a communist society.

In any case, It seems that Blizzard are still interested in this wasteland of a game and as such I can only help but wonder what their intentions are. Will we see more patches in the future? Will maphackers be gone for good? What about the community? Will it be the same snobby elitist cunts the dominate the food chain above all the angry infants or will we see a more civilized community? Who knows what the future holds. Lets just say I’m pessimistic, Battle.net is beyond saving if you ask me and besides, what else is a cynical individual such as myself going to think about the future? We’re talking about Battle.net after all.


In other news, Microsoft are at it again with their new universal windows platform. In addition, they are trying to push Windows 10 so badly that they make it automatically install for all Windows 7 and 8 users. Fortunately as a Windows 8 user, I disabled it. Windows 8 is bad enough Moneysoft, no thanks. STOP TRYING TO CONTROL MY GAMING!!!


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