Update: Behold My Paint Skills!!!

Spoiler Alert!!! They’re terrible

gold-star-of-awesome sized

silver-star-of-awesome sized

Made these two images in paint which i will use in my ratings. I’m lazy and terrible at artwork (The Cynical Gaming Blog logo was also designed in paint but is 100x better than this shit). Look, i’m a writer, not an artist. If I was an artist then i’d be doing character art for indie games or something. This was the best I could come up with i’m afraid.

Games which get an Excellent/Exceptional rating get a silver star of awesome.

Games which get a Masterpiece will get a gold star of awesome (though I highly doubt many games are going to get that. Games using the star label are worth playing no matter what, there’s no excuse. If I give a game a silver star, you need to add it to your collection right now.

Sure I know that not everyone is going to like certain genre’s but anything with one of these stars is worth your money and you aren’t getting ripped off.

Overall it’s just something fun to do. I have to remind myself to put them at 71×71 to make them smaller so nobody notices how terrible they are.

In addition I also have a twitter page up… but if you’re here already you probably don’t need to go there, it’s just a place to showcase my blogs. I don’t use social media at all but having a twitter page is kinda handy as it’s easier to follow than a wordpress site so if you want to keep updated on what i’m doing, check out my twitter page and follow it here: Cynical Gaming Blog Twitter Page.


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