Valkyrie Profile 3 is not a dream… it could be reality!

Says Shuichi Kobayashi who already has plans to pitch the game to Square-Enix, seriously if this guy was a religious deity, I would worship the ground he walks on. He knows what is needed in this industry and he’s ready to bring it forward. Truly a great man, someone this industry needs to fixate on and be reminded that videogames can be made great again.

Of course the people at tri-Ace are going to have their work cut out for them. Valkyrie Profile 2 is a difficult game to live up to, as I recently mentioned in my review. I doubt they’d be able to top it but I’m pretty much certain that they will make it a fantastic game because tri-Ace are dedicated.

People need to remember that just because a game isn’t as great as something prior to it doesn’t make it a “disappointment” or a “bad game”. Exist Archive has already proven to me that tri-Ace are capable at pulling this off. However there is still a fight that needs fighting and we need your help.

Before I say this, I’m not paid by any Square-Enix rep or tri-Ace rep. I am simply a fan who knows what true quality is and who brings it. I beseech you, yes you to pick up a copy of Star Ocean 5 and support it as best as you can because this news isn’t certain. Valkyrie Profile 3 has yet to be pitched. We need to be the voices that make this dream a reality. We need to use our greatest vocal tool, our wallets. Now sure, some of you won’t have the funds to afford a copy, that is understandable, as such I ask of you to spread the word about the game, like I’m doing right now. The reward is too great to pass up, and if you don’t believe me, read my Valkyrie Profile 2 review.

This news has revitalized hope for the future of gaming. It almost makes me want to change the name of the site entirely from “Cynical Gaming Blog” to “Wonderful Gaming Blog” but then I remembered that Electronic Arts are still prowling around as well as Activision and Microsoft. This is our time people, our time to shine!



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