Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Not what we wanted but meh…

So in the meantime, whilst Shuichi Kobayashi is waiting for the right moment to put his pitch forward for Valkyrie Profile 3, Square-Enix have other plans and it’s speculated that those plans could end up taking a nose dive into the wonderful world of mobile gaming. Thank god that this isn’t a Valkyrie Profile game or I’d be worried… oh wait it has the same logo as Valkyrie Profile, holy shit!!!

Yes something is going on about Valkyrie Profile and it’s not particularly anything exciting but it could lead somewhere. Valkyrie Anatomia could be something connected to tri-Ace’s overlords, Nepro Japan who are known quite well for being a mobile company. It would seem that this is the result of their takeover. I’m not complaining however because I know that a new Valkyrie Profile game can still happen and as for this psuedo Valkyrie Profile game… well I’m probably not going to try it if it’s mobile because I don’t even own a smartphone hahahahaha.

However, one thing does kinda bother me about this. This could be Square-Enix’s way of testing the waters. With Kobayashi having spilled the beans about plans for Valkyrie Profile 3 on his PC, Square-Enix probably looked into it and Yamagishi worked with Nepro (who own tri-Ace) to make a tester for Square-Enix to see the sales numbers so that they can find out just how strong the Valkyrie Profile brand is today… or should I say Valkyrie Anatomia which is a completely new branding apparently. With a company like Nepro Japan  having bought tri-Ace it doesn’t surprise me that we’re seeing more mobile games. However what worries me the most is that this is a tester, they’re testing the waters to see how many people are attracted to the series’ brand name and by looking at Square-Enix’s track record their motto seems to be “Brand names sell games” so if this mobile game fails… it could prove detrimental to the future of the Valkyrie Profile series. This is worrying.

Man if only Square-Enix weren’t so fucking stupid, things would be so simple… but they’re not. However they may surprise us and make it into a fully fledged game. Perhaps this game has been planned for a while. Perhaps this is Yamagishi’s way of telling Kobayashi to GTFO the Valkyrie Profile series or maybe a reminder that he is still alive and still wants to work with tri-Ace again… or Nepro. I don’t fucking know anymore!!!

Here’s a link to the teaser:

Anyone getting Exist Archive vibes from this?

Oh and another note. People, please stop all this Star Ocean 5 censorship controversy. I don’t want one of my favorite series to be labeled with such a thing just because of one silly alteration. I also recognized that there has been a lot of disatisfaction on GameFAQ’s about Star Ocean 5. I can’t help but worry about it, however this is GameFAQ’s we are talking about, those guys will complain about anything. I’ll be the judge of whether or not Star Ocean 5 is good or not. Hopefully the game should be in my hands in 5 days. I had delivery trouble so it’s a bit late. That’s what you get when you order off Ebay >.<


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