Event Pokemon need to be shot out of orbit…

Ok so it’s time we talked about a series that I used to love as a kid, Pokemon. Pokemon was pretty much the game that started it all for me, the game that got me into gaming. I remember back then things were so simple. These days the Pokemon games are way too dumbed down and casualized  whilst the meta remains inaccessible like with most videogames. Pro tip to all game developers out there, never cater solely to the meta community. It just makes your games a piece of shit. Pokemon X and Y is an example of what happens when you do this.

But one thing hasn’t changed… the pokedex is still impossible to complete, even more so now. I mean come on guys, how can you tease us with a list of completion and not let us finish it? Oh wait they do… but not in a way I’d like them to.

Event Pokemon are Pokemon that are distributed through external means. This means that the Pokemon cannot be found in game (wait what?) and instead you have to awkwardly go to a store or something and awkwardly ask the guy at the counter for a cod… not to buy anything, I mean come on now, why would you want to buy anything at Gamestop? Let alone the obvious boycotting of European consumers because we don’t matter.

It seems we have reached an era where Pokemon is beyond criticism… an era where people are constantly blinded by their nostalgic childhood that they seem to have this strange assumption that Pokemon can do no wrong. That changes today!

While i’m not going to burn on the series itself i’m most definitely going to burn on its practices. The Pokemon series has gone on for so long now and to be honest, this bullshit has been going on since Pokemon Gold and Silver (coincidentally my favorite games in the series followed by Pokemon Colosseum for obvious reasons) and the first pokemon to suffer this treatment was Celebi. Basically Game Freak cut out all of the Celebi scenario and since DLC wasn’t a thing they decided to make a paid online service (yep, the best kind of financial exploitation. What are the chances of it being subscription based I wonder…?) where you could get access to a GS ball that unlocked an event allowing you to acquire Celebi. Both the US and Europe lacked this feature which is probably for the best if you ask me.

However things had gotten worse and worse as the series evolved (no pun intended). With the release of Gen 3, players could obtain an Eon Ticket which could allow them to capture Latias/Latios easier. To the game’s credit they did allow you to catch one of them per version and trade for the other one. However the biggest middle finger was with Deoxys. To catch Deoxys you had to acquire an aurora ticket which could only be obtained at special Nintendo events. If this isn’t a shifty marketing ploy, I don’t know what is. If you missed these events… you will never get a Deoxys. What a shame…

Over time however, these events became more and more ridiculous. With Arceus mysteriously cut out of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and given away later in an event for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver which even included some additional story segments that players who didn’t do the event missed out on.

So now they’re not only cutting out legendary Pokemon but they’re also cutting out story elements too. This is basically DLC without the price tag… aside from the fact that you had to pay extra to get Celebi. I’m honestly surprised they don’t charge for this bullshit as pokemon fans would be gullible enough to buy into it.

Recently they have announced an event pokemon marathon which includes pokemon such as Jirachi and Celebi (I got both of them and possibly my first legit Celebi) and now they have announced Darkrai. I actually have a legit Darkrai in HG/SS but because of the needless hassle to transfer him over (i’m looking you Pokemon Bank) I would have liked to have acquired one in Pokemon X and Y. Unfortunately, Darkrai is too good to be just given to us… and they don’t patch him into the game to give us something else to do in the boring ass single player.

Instead they force you to go to a Gamestop just to get access to one. Well like I said, we don’t even have a Gamestop in the UK and thank god we don’t. Regardless, this is really getting on my nerves. Nintendo are using their game as a form of marketing explotation and sponsoring major game retailers with it too. It’s wrong. I’m sick of sat idly by as Pokemon turns into a massive marketing tool. I want the games to be complete. I want to be able to catch all 150 (or however many there are now) Pokemon in game and not have to get them via external means. It’s stupid and it’s gotten old now.

Trouble is, who do we really blame for this? Is it Nintendo or is it Game Freak? Both have a stake in the Pokemon series. I blame both of them for allowing this bullshit to happen. Fuck you Nintendo and fuck you Game Freak!!!



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