Micro Rant: The Last Of Us is an overrated Pile Of Garbage

So I gave The Last Of Us another go… still I fail to see the appeal this game has. The story? I’ve got no comment. If it gets better then that’s cool but I’m not going to bother seeing the whole story because at this point I’m not really invested into it at all. The characters are generic so far, Joel is basically an “I’m a tough guy” character and Ellie is just an annoying bratty teenager. Ok maybe those are too stereotypical but it’s just boring. I mean the concept of a zombie apocalypse is one thing but where the story itself is going? I haven’t a clue. Apparently it comes down to finding a cure for something and having to go on a huge quest to deliver it.

Regardless, even if the story is a masterpiece as people claim it to be, it doesn’t make up for the abysmal gameplay. Now it’s no secret that I dislike third person shooters but this takes the cake for being the worse third person shooter I have ever played. Mafia 2 at least gave you some great weapons and the gunplay wasn’t that bad, it was mostly the level design and the enemy placement which caused the most issues in that game. In this game, you are given a pistol and you can only hold up to around 13 rounds maximum, there are also other guns you acquire throughout the game which hold even less rounds. Hang on a minute… is this supposed to be a shooter? Because the fact that it has multiplayer (barricaded by online pass bullshit no less) which revolves around cover shooting seems to say that it is.

But this isn’t even the worst part. The worst part of this game is the bloody aiming. Not only does your hand shake while aiming (which I can put up with because it adds challenge) but to shoot you use the bumpers instead of the triggers. Who’s idea was it to make this a thing? How the fuck can you say with a straight face that this is a good idea? Add to this, the whole control scheme is a mess, every time I pick up this game for the first time in ages, I spend half an hour trying to find out what button does what. This should be something you pick up right at the start of the game and I still can’t get the gist most of the time what button does what.

So with limited ammo and terrible aiming controls, shooting is pointless in this game. What about stealth? Well… it’s passable. There’s not much depth to it, you just move around occasionally throwing bricks and bottles and just walk past. Simple stuff but to be honest that’s not much better than Farcry 3’s stealth mechanics, difference is, Farcry 3 also had good shooting mechanics as well and a relatively entertaining storyline that adds way more shock value than this game tries to give.

In fact you could even say that The Last Of Us is like a clunky, linear and more tedious version of Farcry 3. Farcry 3 does everything better. It’s crafting system is great, stocks are constantly replenished so you merely have to go and get it. It’s fun to kill animals, use their pelts and craft holsters. In The Last Of Us however, it’s not. They just add random items sparsely littered around each area and you have to loot them. Heck you’re expected to. If you don’t have a molotov cocktail when you’re fighting a bloater that comes out of nowhere… have fun. The crafting system in The Last Of Us is basically the equivalent of Odin Sphere’s alchemy system (in the original) in the sense that it’s just tedious, clunky and the game is pretty much impossible if you do it wrong.

Another thing I hate about The Last Of Us is the linearity. I mean sure, they’re trying to tell a story and all… but the gameplay mechanics don’t work well with this style at all. If you miss an important manual or crafting materials, they’re gone forever, you cannot backtrack and get them later, they’re gone. Same goes with pills too. In addition, workbenches are hard to come by and even when you find them, all they let you do is upgrade weapons which you will barely use the whole game because of their limited ammo capacity and their horrible aiming controls. If you shoot a pistol, you’re pretty much giving away your position and you’re going to die. Of course you can trial and error it (that’s what I did for the most part and it was not fun) but it’s simply a lot easier to just walk past them in stealth.

Most of the infected enemies have a high resistance to bullets anyways which basically requires you to use stealth. Clickers in particular are pretty much immune to headshots and the most effective way of getting rid of them is… well, walking past them. You see, clickers have no eyesight and they can only hear sounds. So if you’re walking in crouch mode very slowly they won’t attack you. This in theory makes them pointless as you don’t have any challenge getting past them. However if you are too close to a clicker, they will attack you anyways even if you aren’t even making a sound. This is because the game has triggers that automatically trigger the instakill clip which happens every time you die to a clicker. Why clickers can instakill you and other infected cant is beyond me but whatever.

The thing that bugs me is the horrible inconsistency I mean they can only sense sound which is in itself a silly thing because for the vast majority of the game you will be crouched and moving slowly. There is very rarely a moment when you are playing this game uncrouched. This brings me to another point, Ellie. With clickers especially, it really bugs me how Ellie is constantly running around making lots of noise yet the clickers don’t notice. This is even worse for hunters when she pops out of cover and the hunters can clearly see her but do absolutely nothing yet if they see Joel, they attack you immediately. It breaks the immersion completely, why did they think this would be a good idea?

So all in all, what redeeming qualities does this game have? None, absolutely none. There is barely any music besides a few occasional classic guitar notes every so often, the visuals aren’t bad but the world design gets old fast and they aren’t really that special. Nothing really stands out as being… well, good. I really tried to like The Last Of Us but I think it took the last bit of my patience. I don’t care how good the story is, I can’t put up with bad gameplay. If you wanted to make a story-driven experience, just make a movie… or do what Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead did and… hang on, there’s one more thing isn’t there?

Of course, how could I forget the ever lovable QTE’s? They’re everywhere in this game, you’re constantly put into situations where you have to mash the square button or something, they do this so much that it just gets old. Add to this the constant usage of ladders and other apparatus to reach high platforms which serves no other purpose other than to extend the game’s length. Considering how slow the pacing of this game is, my beard would grow twice in length by the time I finished it.

So to wrap things up, The Last Of Us is overrated trash. I mean I can understand if you could consider it another mediocre TPS because that’s exactly what it is to me. Mediocre would be the best word to describe this game and sometimes mediocre games are the worst because they’re soooo boooring!!!

I’m not going to put images up on this because I don’t want to touch the game anymore and as such I don’t want to have to return to it just to add some extra screen caps because did I forget to mention that the loading time for when you start the game is ridiculously long? So I’ll leave this on the trash blog pile, no feature for you!

Feel free to disagree if you like but my stance won’t change on the matter, I’m done with the game, I’m never returning to it, it’s going on the selling pile. Hopefully it’s still worth a bit, it’s the PS3 version so I’m not sure. Nevertheless this game is so overrated that selling it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not as if I’m trying to sell Vortex for the SNES.

One of my most regrettable purchases of all time.


34 thoughts on “Micro Rant: The Last Of Us is an overrated Pile Of Garbage

  1. I just googled The Last of Us is a fuckin trash, and shit dude. I can’t agree more. Fuck that story, which “UH GITS BETTER AFTER A WHILE”, when gameplay is ultimate shit, just like in fuckin Uncharted 1 and 2. People seem to fap about that game, because others fap to it.

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    • Yeah people make a big deal about these “movie style” games thinking they’re the best shit ever. The Last Of Us is basically a Walking Dead rip off but with horrendous gameplay, I’m tired of all these Zombie Survival themed games, it’s getting old, I mean I don’t mind zombie games where the goal is to kill hundreds of zombies but this game is a stealth game really since the guns are shit and the controls are horrible for combat.

      Never listen to the hype man, it’s all lies. The best games are often the ones people don’t talk about. It’s all due to manipulation via the mass media, Naughty Dog have marketing power that can manipulate the masses, doesn’t make their game good.

      As for the fan base I think the other comments on this article paint a very clear picture.


  2. The biggest issue with this game is inconsistent motivations/personalities.

    Joel went from being distant with Ellie to wanting to be her father figure in a matter of minutes. That’s not how humans work, NAUGHTY DOG.

    Also with Ellie, this is a little brat who wouldn’t shut the hell up about her “problems” for most of the game, and then saves the bombshell about her puppy love interest that she finger banged when she was younger and how they had a “pact” that if one died, the other would go to? So this teen who never shut the hell up, never brought this up to Joel? Not once? Until the end? OH that’s right, they wanted to sell you the DLC….

    But my biggest issue is, does Naughty Dog understand population? So Ellie is gay (let me go get my rainbow flag), gays make up about 4% of the human population. In this game, 60% of the ENTIRE population has been infected or killed off – that would have a significant hit on the homosexual population.

    But it just so happens that Ellie is not only gay but also has the cure blood? Wow, extremely low probability there. And now with The Last of Us 2, she stumbles upon a camp with another gay girl she gets to finger bang – and it’s populated with Asians (Does Naughty Dog know the Asian population in the US?)

    It’s a damn soap opera. Old man loses daughter? Check. Old man needs to become a father figure again? Check. Teen is the one who can “save the world”? Check. Teen is gay? Check. Teen had a love interest that died? Check. More overly dramatic deaths? Check.

    Fuck Naughty Dog, but fuck gamers the most. They are the ones who support this tripe.

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    • Generally speaking, most mainstream games are designed to have broad appeal and as such they have to follow “trends” be it in the gameplay or in this case, the story so this doesn’t surprise me.

      I’m personally tired of games trying to become hollywood movies because they’re not, games are games, we’re supposed to play them, not watch them.

      I miss when games didn’t try to take themselves seriously like The Last Of Us, videogame storytelling was never meant to be taken seriously.

      You gave me a good laugh though, not gonna lie.


  3. Unfortunately I only found your blog after I bought the remastered version of this crap for PS4. Man I wish I’d seen it before.

    You are spot on with your criticism. It’s linear, there’s zero gameplay choices, the inability to scavenge ammunition from enemies who where just shooting at you 3 seconds before, the horrible trial and error set pieces when you die over and over again (the Bill trap and Bill fight with a horde of zombies straight after spring to mind). It’s artificially difficult in the most annoying and cheap ways. The list goes on and on.

    Any time a fan base tells you ‘it gets better after 10/20/50 hours’ that should be a massive red flag as well.

    Utter garbage, and the fan boys attacking you are embarrassing.

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    • That bill trap was ridiculous and nonsensical. How in the fuck does Joel suddenly have unlimited ammo when he has usually a maximum of 13 bullets at the time? It felt out of place.

      Why have so many elements of realism when you have sections that contradict that realism?


  4. no more joke the last of us is the best story every thing in the future will become the same but always one makes the difference but i respect your opinion


  5. in the future everything is going to look the same but always one make the difference but i respect your opinion no more jokes


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