Just A Quick Update…

So after finishing off everything I need to do, I decided to purchase the new DOOM game. Turns out the game has kickass multiplayer but unfortunately I have it on Playstation 4, fortunately the free weekend and trial let me try it out. It’s a shame that this won’t last but it’s quite possibly the best multiplayer FPS I’ve played in the past decade. Move aside Halo 5, Halo is dead, DOOM killed it. R.I.P 343 industries, no one needs to play your shitty micro-transaction bullshit anymore, halo has been dethroned.

Now why do I mention Halo you ask? Well, DOOM is very much like it. It’s the spiritual successor to all of the classic Halo titles. However if you think about it, Halo has always been a modernized arena FPS and almost all classic FPS were like this (including the legendary Painkiller). So DOOM sticks to its roots but manages to appeal to both casual players like myself and hardcore FPS nuts. A damn good combination if you ask me. Halo is DOOMED!!!

In case you would like to see what DOOM’s multiplayer is like then I have some video footage here… in case you haven’t already played it.

Doom Multiplayer Video’s

As you can see, I improve over the course of these video’s, that’s a great example of how a good multiplayer experience. If you guys are still waiting for the next Call Of Moneyvision or EA’s latest Battlemoney 4 for some multiplayer fun, think again. Give DOOM a try, it has zero microtransactions and though it does have a season pass, there’s no online pass or anything like that. If you get it on PC you can play the Multiplayer right out of the box so I recommend getting that version.

So I’ll be focused on playing DOOM for the time being. As for Star Ocean 5, I may do a short write up to cover the story in greater detail, spoilers may be present in it though. Even though I kinda got the gist of the Japanese version, I’d like to see the story with my own eyes, see if it’s really the best game in the series for me. Hopefully I’ll get round to doing some more writing sooner or later.



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