Update: New Review Section


It had to happen at some point but I have given the review section a proper page so you can access all of the reviews on one page, plus it means less scrolling for each review you want to read as a blog format simply doesn’t work well enough for it. To access the review just click the link or the image and it will send you directly to the review instead of having to manually scroll down to find it. It also means you don’t have to click on the review’s title just to leave a comment. Handy huh?

To access the new review section, you must click review on the menu bar at the top. The sidebar remains unchanged and will bring you to the old school blog-style format should you wish to use that instead but bare in mind that it will only list the most recent reviews. If for some reason the review section isn’t updated, I recommend leaving a comment in said review and I will put it up. Mistakes are easily made.

I have also changed the “so-so” rating to Mediocre, I believe it makes more sense. I may plan on altering my review format further in the future but until then things will remain as they are for now.

Try the new review page here


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