Update: No internet but working on some video content + #Performancematters

In case you are wondering, I am using my workplace’s computer to write this as I am having trouble with my internet connection at home and have tried to contact my ISP to solve the issue. This issue won’t be solved for another week or so and as such I will be absent for a while.

However I want to bring something to people’s attention. A huge dispute is taking place between publishers and voice actors. To put it more accurately one of the voice acting union’s has decided to go on strike against the publishers in order to provide better work ethics for the voice actors.

Naturally as a website dedicated towards scrutinizing publishers, I feel obligated to make my mark on this dispute. As such, as is fitting for a voice acting related topic I decided to make a video for a more vocal expression on my views on this whole fiasco. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get it to you guys due to my internet issues but if you want to know more about it then I strongly recommend watching this video.

Other than that I will be absent for a while and it really sucks being unable to make progress on important topics such as this. All you need to know is that #Performancematters has my undying support and gratitude for taking up arms against these scummy publishers. God bless all of you who are out there fighting the good fight against EA and Activision for a better future in the gaming industry because publishers always win and it’s time that we finally had the on their knees for a change.

I want to see Electronic Arts and Activision on their knees begging these voice actors to return. As a result I cannot stress the importance of boycotting these companies and their games. Only we, the consumer can truly make a difference and the best way to do this is to stop buying their games during the strike.

This is our best opportunity for change, let’s take it people and let us make gaming great again!


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