This site is 1 year old today

Wow has it flown by that quickly? Turns out that the site has hit its 1 year milestone. What a wonderful occasion this is, a chance to look back at my progress and also a chance to ramble for a bit.

As a whole, the past year has been filled with reviews and articles about videogames in general. Not a single article about the industry itself and for good reason. You see with the release of Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness and Exist Archive The Other Side Of The Sky, those games have absorbed most of my attention to the point that they have been my biggest focus of the past year or so, I am currently playing through the english version of Exist Archive and having a wonderful time with it but like everything else, when it’s done, it’s done.

However I think the content on the site has been severely lacking in terms of variety. I’ve been trying new things but never really got around to bringing them to the site. I also wish to consider adding more of these quick articles so that I can keep the site active, I know quality over quantity is important to keep in mind but that isn’t going anywhere. I wish to make more of these shorter posts in the future simply due to the fact that it is my own site and as such I am free to discuss things in briefer detail rather than have to screencap for every single post. This is because not every post really fits with such imagery.

All it means is that I wish to be more active on the site, it won’t mean that I will stop putting images on my posts it means that there will be more posts in the future without them. This is just to warn people who may be alarmed by this. To make things clear, posts such as this will remain in the side bar and as such if you wish to read them you can find them on the “new posts” section of the side bar. As for the more detailed content, that will remain on the home page.

In a way I could have really done a lot more content in the past year but I chose not to because I couldn’t find any suitable images for it. As such I’m considering also doing some more video related content for such things in the future. However I also wish to write about them also.

Now for the big one. I want to discuss more about the gaming industry itself on here and those posts will either be video’s or brief write-ups like these for it is difficult to find suitable imagery to befit the topic. In addition, doing this will allow me to make better video’s in the future for the site as I will have a script laid out for me. Don’t expect me to read directly from the script however, I will still ramble no doubt.

Finally I have some other projects I want to do however I’m planning on killing two birds with one stone with this one. I wish to give let’s plays another go. Now before you call me out on saying that I was done with LP’s on my video on Painkiller, I want to explain that I never aspired to be a Let’s Player… however it is in my best interests to do them as doing so can provide more assets for me to use in my articles and if people are entertained by my lackluster commentary, that’s a bonus.

In any case, my internet is still having problems at the moment and I’m still trying to keep this site up to date while I am at work hence the fact why I have been writing a lot of these brief posts because I don’t have any assets on my work PC. However with the VA strike, the Nintendo Switch and all that, I have a lot on my mind at the moment.

Time flies fast these days, it seems like only yesterday that I was playing Halo 4 on Xbox 360, now we’re on the verge of a ninth generation.  The console industry must be getting desperate. Regardless I can easily say that eighth generation has been the worst generation for consoles so far… as well as industry ethics.

As for the games, this generation hasn’t been all that bad for me with two wonderful games. I feel spoilt by tri-Ace to be honest.

Oh and I hope everyone in the UK has a wonderful bonfire night… I know I will because I’ll be at work and lighting fires is technically part of the job… so I’ll be celebrating in my own way. No fireworks though, just soot and ash.


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