F-Zero EX leaked???

I just saw this article called “The complete list of Nintendo Switch games” many of which have already been officially announced, however some of which have been apparently revealed by a “trusted source”. One of these games just happens to be a game that I have been waiting for ages. Could this mean we might be getting a new F-Zero?

Now the G in F-Zero GX represents Gamecube, the A in F-Zero AX represents Arcade but what does the E stand for? Extreme? We will have to wait to find out… that is if this information is true. Until then, we will have to wait till it is fully announced, perhaps we won’t see it revealed until 2018 but nevertheless if this is true then I will most certainly be getting the Nintendo Switch at some point which is a good thing since so far I really like what Nintendo are doing with the console. so much so it puts Microsoft and Sony’s machines to shame.

So what do I want from F-Zero EX? Well considering the fact that GX did pretty much everything under the sun… not much. However I would absolutely love to see a track editor like the one X had in the expansion pack. With games like Super Mario Maker being so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintendo try this with the new F-Zero. In addition I think more race modes would be interesting. There are many different ways you can experiment with game modes and I think Nintendo will surprise us. In F-Zero X we had Death Race, perhaps something similar will be found in this game. F-Zero GP Legend had Zero Test, perhaps we will see these two features return.

Also I would like to see story mode return, perhaps this time with a few more racers to play as in an intertwining story like in GP legend with multiple perspectives, I loved that Idea and I’d like to see it return in such a form. Obviously there would be the classic Captain Falcon storyline however I wouldn’t expect any more than 5 missions per story, especially if we consider the fact that the level of content in F-Zero GX’s story was only 9 missions long. With multiple characters, there would be plenty of story to he had… and we know enough about Captain Falcon to know that he is a badass.

Also I would prefer that the game didn’t follow the anime for a few reasons. First of all I found the characters in GX were goofy in a lovable way and I liked all of their crazy personalities, something which the Anime kinda threw out of the window for most characters. Also the Captain Falcon in the anime is very different to the one in the games (aside from climax and GP Legend). I’m not knocking the anime, rather I would prefer the story followed the goofyness of GX because it was charming and never took itself too seriously.

Finally a few other mechanics. For starters I’d like to see drafting implemented where you speed up by keeping in line with the enemy racer. This would allow newcomers to get into the series a lot easier and give pro’s another mechanic to put to use. It wouldn’t affect time trials obviously but it would make the races so much more exhilarating. Of course you wouldn’t be able to move too quickly otherwise you wouldn’t need to use the boost pads. I think speed is the main factor they should focus on, as always. Give the player more ways to gain speed so that they can approach different tracks in more unique ways.

I would also like to see heavy machines also have a bigger impact on enemy machines when drafting/boosting and if they collide with a smaller vehicle, it would deal ¬†tremendous damage to their energy bar and very little to the heavy machine’s energy bar. On the other hand, heavier machines would be slower due to having to carry so much weight. This means that the speed gained via drafting would be lower than that of a light machine.

Finally I’d like to keep the AI like it was in F-Zero GX, don’t have the same person in pole position every race, mix it up a little. I hated this in F-Zero X where it did it way too much, it’s just cheapness taken to the max.

As for custom machines, I’d like to have more options. We have boosters, cockpits and body, sure. However the ability to customize individual components on each body/booster/cockpit would be cool. For example you can add/remove a spoiler on the booster or change the body features a little. Perhaps the ability to customize the cockpits interior would be nice or better yet, allow us to race from cockpit mode for the true F-Zero experience, that would be sweet… and kinda scary too.

Finally I would just love to have a Mii racer. The F-Zero characters are great and all but I want to see my custom Mii on the podium to make me feel that I’m there in the game. Another thing I would like to see is the return of the emblem maker but with optional touch screen compatibility and the option to share emblems with friends via their online network.

While I can’t see all these features implemented nor the game being half as good as GX, I do feel that F-Zero EX will deliver in a lot of ways and will bring an exciting experience to all of us… that is, if it happens. I hope you guys are as excited for a new F-Zero game as I am.


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