Bullshit PSA: Exist Archive The Other Side Of The Sky

I bet you didn’t see this coming but sadly this shit has to be said. Now remember when I said that I was going to post something nasty towards Aksys Games If I found a speck of paid DLC on the PS Store? That time has come. Aksys Games has made a mockery of the consumer by charging no less than £49.99 for Exist Archive The Other Side Of The Sky and expect them to pay for it.

This is not inflation, this is just flat-out bullshit, where did they pull that extra £10.00 from? Oh I know, right the fuck out of their asses that’s where. They expect us fans to get on our hands and knees and beg for our localization, so much that we have to pay an extra £10.00. Needless to say I did succumb to this and purchased the game seeing as the game already sold poorly in Japan and I didn’t want this shitty business practice to harm tri-Ace so I was conflicted at the time. Plus considering the fact that It was my GOTY and that I had already played it before I bought it for that reason, that reason alone.

However we cannot let this company get away with this bullshit any longer. Though it may sound hypocritical to hear me boycott this company right after purchasing a game from them, you must understand that I went in knowing the value of this game. However my review gave this game a “great” rating, not a “masterpiece” rating, there’s a difference.

As such while the original Japanese release of Exist Archive The Other Side Of The Sky was worth every penny, I cannot personally recommend the localized version of this game right now. While I managed to get what I wanted from the game, I cannot be so sure that others will be able to. As such I am not in the easiest of situations right now. If you want my advice, just purchase the game second-hand simply because it is definitely worth a look. If you want to support the developers, get the Japanese version as well and give one of them to your friends for Xmas or something, don’t do what I did.

Oh and to add more to the bullshit pile and what is quite possibly the biggest offence that Aksys Games have pulled, they had the nerve to charge for DLC that was previously free in the Japanese version of the game. What DLC am I talking about you ask? The freaking new year/reindeer DLC that was free in Japan. All it is a silly reindeer horn decoration on the character’s head and a red nose while the other is basically noughts and crosses on their face.

How dare you expect us to spend real money on that crap, It was fine before since it was free but this is either stupidly careless on the publisher’s part or just downright greedy, I believe the latter. I believe that is enough to keep my eyes on this stupid publisher. While it hasn’t yet reached the levels of Konami, EA or Activision, know that this company is going to receive a place on my blacklist in the near future. Know that I will not kneel for shit that we should be getting for free, know that I will no longer pay £10.00 more for a game which should be priced at £39.99 tops. How the hell can I even consider this an acceptable price?

I have to consider the masses here. Believe me when I said that it took a lot of consideration for me to actually make that purchase… a lot of consideration, that’s why I got the game so late on because that price tag was just plain absurd… however like I mentioned before, I am not completely against price increases in videogames. What bothers me the most is that the company still has the nerve to charge for DLC they shouldn’t be charging for on top of that. Fuck you Aksys Games, I didn’t expect to get Exist Archive localized at all, let alone like this but you have made a mockery out of what localization is supposed to be about. What makes you think that you’re entitled to an extra £10.00 when other companies do not? Please do tell me… oh of course, us consumer peasants are not worth your time.

So do I recommend purchasing Exist Archive? Hell Yes! Do I recommend purchasing Exist Archive brand new? Hell no!  Pick up the Japanese version if you want to support the devs, it’s cheaper and has all the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile DLC. Of course if you can’t speak Japanese you might want to hunt around for a second-hand copy of this game online or something. Believe me, I am pissed at myself for buying this game knowing full well that extra £10.00 wouldn’t go to the developers but what did you expect me to do? Star Ocean 5 sold like shit, Exist Archive sold like shit in Japan, I knew that it was something I had to do to keep that company relevant because if this sold like shit, it wouldn’t go down well.

I purchased the game to deliver a message, something I usually try to do when boycotting a game… however this message was a stronger message for me, so I bit the bullet. This doesn’t mean that you have to though, weigh it all up for yourselves before you pick up the game brand new… oh and seek out that second-hand copy if you see it, you can always purchase the next tri-Ace game day 1, let me and the few others who actually bought this game take the bullet and believe me, it will cripple Aksys Games and make them think twice about pulling off something this stupid with a game that barely anybody knows about.

Fuck Aksys Games and praise tri-Ace!!!



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