Issues with Space Engineers Part 2


Turn up the sound, the games audio was louder than I expected.

There are problems with some of the new blocks and I try and find those problems. I decided to make a video so that I could explain things better since people seem to get confused easily by text.

Things that definitely need fixing:
Windows: They’re rounded at the sides which leaves holes in between them… plus they need to have wider borders to they can phase into the other parts of the ship to keep them pressurized. Also I noticed that windows do not fill gaps between armor blocks.
Button Panel: you can put an object in between them but it looks like that object is floating in mid air.
Cryo Pod: Interior model doesn’t match exterior.

Things that disappoint me:
– Conveyors are still not sharp at the corners and the edges meaning that they’re still not designed around pressurization.
– Conveyor tubes don’t seem to phase in as well as they did before.
– Passenger seats look ugly
– Original Flight Deck screen looked better
– Hangar Doors look ugly and I’m not sure if they’re pressurized
– Framerate seems to be worse than the stable version
– Interior Walls still look pretty bland

Ideas for improvements:
– Loading bar when loading the game so people can see how long the load times are
– Add the ability to allow people to type in the number value they want in the control panel instead of relying on the slider
– Don’t just highlight the blocks you place, highlight the blocks you delete so that people can tell easily which block they are deleting.
– More furnature for the ship. This gives the modelers and artists something to do and get paid for while the player gets new content rather than wasting time redesigning blocks
– More mods incorporated into the game

Things that I like:
-Corner LCD’S
-Corner Lights
-New catwalk design
-New control station design
-New Turrets
-New Sliding doors
-New LCD panels/text panels
-New regular doors
-Window textures (not the models)

All in all, typical Space Engineers update, takes one step forward, 3 steps back. Remember that nobody asked for the new models and the few things we DID ask for in terms of model fixes did not happen.


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