Free Games On Uplay

While Uplay may be considered a crappy service, I ended up having to use it for Child Of Light at some point. If you have a Uplay account you can get some free games from it today. Assassins Creed 3 and Beyond Good And Evil are just a couple of those games on offer.

I gave Beyond Good And Evil a go first, after hearing everybody rave on about it, seems like I can already see why people love this game just by looking at it, it kinda has that Rare feel to it. Seems that there is some action involved in the gameplay which is nice and the camera is pretty nifty. Maybe it could become a game that I can get engrossed in, who knows?

I tried installing The Crew but my PC couldn’t run it… regardless that game is included too… even though it’s online only (seriously what is it with racing games being online only?

Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up, I probably won’t review any of these games since… well, we got them for free. Just go and grab them already, your PC should be able to run Beyond Good And Evil at the very least.


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