Star Ocean Till The End Of Time comes to PS4

It’s happening people, Star Ocean Till The End Of Time is getting ported to PS4. Now I don’t really care much for buying ports of games I already own but this is proof that tri-Ace know what they’re doing. I mentioned this in my Star Ocean 5 stream for a reason, this needed to happen one way or another and it is happening.

However this is not a fully fledged remake, it’s just a HD port with slightly better graphics and trophy support pretty much so I can’t say that I’m too excited for it but the fact that it exists is good news as it means that Square-Enix haven’t completely given up on the series.


They are trying to gauge interest again by going the safe route with an HD port, while this may be lazy, it gives new players a chance to pick the game up digitally. This might not seem like an issue right now but once all the physical copies are gone, this will be the only option left for most people so it needed to happen.

I guess the ideal scenario of a re-worked combat system and seamless battles just wasn’t meant to be, here’s hoping that the game will sell well, considering it is the best-selling tri-Ace game it has to, if it doesn’t then the series may be in jeopardy.

What troubles me is the fact that people who already own the game may not be inclined to pick it up again and why would they want to? If they want to play it again they can just pull out their PS2 and play it on the disk. I doubt it will reach high sales numbers but hopefully it will receive a lot of purchases by new audiences and die-hard fans.

If it succeeds, the chance of getting a Valkyrie Profile 3 goes up by 1% so I’m thinking of purchasing it but I’m not going to dive straight in yet as I have numerous games I want to play. Plus I’m not particularly eager to experience that battle system/item creation again.



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