Suspicious comment removal from Destructoid…

Destructoid, I finally got you!!!

For the record, this was a snarky comment, not to be taken seriously.

Hmm I wonder what this could mean… for the record, no I didn’t delete this, why would I delete this comment? Look at what the title of the blog is. Now do you see why I do what I do? I am sick and tired of people being misled by these stupid media outlets that call themselves critics and when accused of false ratings, they don’t even attempt to defend themselves… what a joke.

You people can be reassured that I will never ever take money for ratings, my ratings are 100% opinion. This does not mean that you should take them as fact though. What matters is the content of the review, if you read my reviews, I don’t expect you to agree with my opinion, I don’t expect you to have the same experience that I had. The purpose of my reviews is to act as a guideline for people looking to purchase a game because I’m not vain enough to believe that what I write in my reviews is 100% fact and I’m aware that reviews that are 100% fact are wrong.

My favourite game of all time, Valkyrie Profile 2 received a 9.4 from me, this is before I had a word based rating system. I would never give it a 10/10, nor would I give F-Zero GX a 10/10 because no videogame is perfect. In case you are wondering why I am posting this here it is because I’m not ready to get banned from Destructoid… it will happen, I have seen the warning signs and I am preparing for my inevitable reluctant departure from the site much like what happened to Reinholde Hoffman, the administrator of

Allow me to make this clear, I have no loyalty to Destructoid as a website, my only loyalty is to the people in the community that have continued to give me engagement, whatever happens, I will never forget those people, I will never blame those people and I will always care about the majority of the people in the community.

When the banhammer finally comes crashing down, you’ll no doubt hear about it on this site and I will continue to write because it is what I do. In the 3 years I have spent on Destructoid, I can tell you all one thing. I do not need Destructoid. The Destructoid community is always welcome here no matter what happens. The C blogs were a place for me to start writing… I will never regret writing there… but times have changed, I have grown as a writer, this site might not get the same level of engagement as Destructoid had but that doesn’t matter to me as if people aren’t willing to engage on here then the whole thing was merely a facade.

But know that I will not take offence should people not come to this site. There are plenty of great writers on the C blogs, why would you read my articles over theirs? I won’t begrudge people for not engaging my content anymore, rather I will have to survive without it. It won’t be as enjoyable as it was before but I value my principles too much to sit idly by and not be able to keep people informed.

Maybe I was wrong about the “paid for ratings” but you know what? The very fact that my comment has been removed has made Destructoid a prime target of scrutiny. If you aren’t willing to defend yourself and instead resort to the cowardly removal of comments then I will scrutinize. If anybody from Destructoid reads this post, be aware that I am not targeting the community, I really appreciate you guys, you’re all cool people. However you must understand that this needs to be said, you might not agree but I have the right to say something and I will say it here. I want people to know what happens when you make such claims on Destructoid.

Perhaps it is just a misunderstanding… but like I said, this is a very suspicious act.


2 thoughts on “Suspicious comment removal from Destructoid…

  1. Kind of understand what you mean. I got banned from dualshockers, however the community down there were pretty much closed off, and it had some of the worst Sony fan boys there. Even fact the so-called-editior-in-chief was actively banning people he was disagreeing with. Whilst protecting the fanboys. Yes, he protected fanboys that contributed nothing but toxicity to the site whilst banning people who could create a better community.

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    • Moderators are a complete waste of time. They only exist to prevent people from being triggered.

      Thing is, this is the internet, people are going to say shit that you don’t like, don’t like it, shouldn’t have been on the internet.

      One of the worst places for moderators is the RPG Maker VX forums, the moment when I said I was leaving the forums, one of the moderators started saying shit about me and just banned me anyways.

      Also when it comes to communities, always remember that communities are a facade of friendship, I have been in communities where I just happened to log in and people started talking shit about me behind my back. What a bunch of cowards, I don’t associate myself with those people, I respect people who tell it like it is and be honest. You can find cool people in communities though and be good friends but I never dedicate myself to a community entirely.

      Thing is, if I don’t like something people are saying, I’m just not going to bother being around them simple because I’m wasting my time being around them.

      In case you are wondering, this isn’t the only comment I have had removed on the site, another time I got a comment removed was when some clown decided to do a contest where the winner had to send him money to win a Nintendo Switch. I called him out on his bullshit to try and protect the other people on the community who could have been scammed by this dude and I got my comment removed for it. I don’t care whether his intentions were pure or not, a contest is a giveaway, not a storefront, what he did was misleading and as such it was scummy.

      Don’t let these people get to you, they have twisted views on justice and if they don’t like what it is you are saying then they will abuse their moderation privileges. I watched Reinholde Hoffman get the exact same treatment as I’m getting now, I knew I’d be next because I’m the one guy who calls people out for bullshit and people don’t like “those guys”.

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