Issues With Space Engineers Part 3

Good news people, KeenSWH listened and they fixed the windows!!! Now you can keep your space ships/stations pressurized forever…

Space engineers more windows

Or Not…

Well actually that would only be half right… KeenSWH fixed most of the windows but they didn’t bother to fix the Window 1×1 slope windows which is a shame. So I changed my ship and removed all of the windows in hope that I would get rid of those holes. I succeeded, however my main world still has problems.

The skyway bridge uses window 1×1 slopes to create a kind of Rapture feel, kinda like glass tunnels that go through space. Unfortunately this means that they have holes in them as you can see from the image.

I really hope KeenSWH don’t forget to fix this as it really goes against what this game is trying to be, a space building game where pressurization is important.


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