Important update regarding comments

It appears that a new line of spam bots have been hitting the site as of late. Considering the implications of these spambots (causing google to put me down in search) I have taken it upon myself to delete all comments that are regarded as spam. As such comments will be checked thoroughly and removed  if I see them as spam.

However I understand that there are people who want to leave legitimate comments and I welcome it. If your comment gets deleted I recommend you E-Mail me at instead and inform me of this. If you don’t want your comment deleted there are a few ways you can avoid it.

First of all, mention the game I am discussing… or one of the games I am discussing. Quoting my post will not help as the spambots are already doing that. I also recommend having a gravatar, most spambots don’t bother using one so having a gravatar will make your comment look more legitimate. Finally if you can’t include any in the comment for whatever reason and just want to say things like “I like/dislike this post”, shoot me an E-Mail instead. You can leave a comment but if it doesn’t follow this formula I may end up deleting it.

Remember that this is my way of combatting spambots. I don’t discourage leaving comments on my blogs, I strongly encourage it. If you have something to say about my blog, leave a comment or an e-mail and I will probably get back to you on it. I don’t like having to do this but Akismet seems to be unable to deal with the spambots anymore. Hopefully we can sort this problem out.


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