What exactly is Invested Empowerment?

What exactly is invested empowerment? Is it simply becoming stronger or is it opening the doors to a more diverse array of options?

Should games reward growth via experience points? Or should games reward growth for overcoming a more specific obstacle?

What does max level matter to you? Does it make you feel strong? Or does it make you feel the same as everybody else?

Is there really any value in these numbers? Or is the perception of growing stronger true when you level up?

Keith Burgun made an interesting point saying that stat boosts in videogames are completely pointless. Why does Nier Automata have a levelling system? What purpose does it serve? Does it really make you stronger? Or is it nothing more than a false perception of growth to psychologically make us feel empowered?

Is it the fate of the RPG genre to adapt to this idea? Or will they continue down the same road? Would the removal of stat boosts on level up kill the entire RPG genre? Would an RPG even exist anymore? Do RPG’s exist anymore? If so then what have RPG’s become? Leave me your thoughts.


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