I’ve seen the future, E3 2019 Lineup Confirmed!!!

With the release of Pokemon Snap 2 VR, a new craze has hit the industry “Snap games” this craze will dominate the AAA industry for years and will become very popular with gamers worldwide.

Here is the current lineup for E3 2019:

Metal Gear Snap VR
Gears Of Snap VR
Call Of Duty Snap VR
Super Snap Bros VR
Dead Or Alive Xtreme Snap VR
World Of Snapcraft VR
Need For Snap VR
Doom Snap VR
The Elder Scrolls Snap VR
Sonic Snap VR
Kirby Snap VR
Nier Automata Snap VR
Persona 5 Snap VR
Team Fortress Snap VR
League Of Snap VR
Rocket Snap VR
Final Fantasy Snap VR
The Witcher Snap VR
Megaman Snap VR
The Last Of Us Snap VR
Uncharted Snap VR
Infamous Snap VR
The Walking Snap VR
Battlefield Snap: Bad Camera 2 VR
Star Fox Snap VR
F-Zero Snap VR
Legend Of Snap VR
Star Ocean Snap VR
Valkyrie Profile Snap VR
Pokemon Snap 3 VR
Lord Of The Snap: Fellowship Of The Snap VR
Devil May Snap VR
Crash Bandicoot Snap VR
Snaptoon VR
Dead Snap 4 VR

And more!!!

I’m looking forward to 2020 when they’ll finally announce Assassins Creed Snap VR!

Pokemon Snap 2 VR wins game of the year 2018 at the Game Awards and will be getting an Esports circuit. Pokemon Snap 2 VR will be released 2018 and will be exclusive to PC (because fuck the Nintendo Switch and it’s paid online subscription service).


(Joke Blog… but you know it’s coming)


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