Square-Enix you little pieces of shit…

Square-Enix... you fucked up

You know what’s worse than buying a game you already have in order to try to support said game getting released on said platform? Buying a game that I already own that comes with additional DRM.

This is just shameful, tri-Ace have suffered enough already… but Square-Enix just had to make things worse for them. Seriously why is it so hard for publishers to just release games normally? What is there to gain from putting 3rd party DRM in your game? Do you want to make money Square-Enix? Or are you too busy shitting on your “loyal” fans… or tri-Ace fans like myself for that matter?

I myself have absolutely zero loyalty to Sqaure-Enix, I tolerate them for the sake of tri-Ace since they own most tri-Ace related IP’s. Do they not realize that they are sitting on a gold mine? Or are they still envious of the masterpiece that is Valkyrie Profile 2? I could believe that considering the fact that they tried to make their own version of the game and it flopped. Sqaure-Enix have no shame. They make Lightning Returns expecting it to surpass Valkyrie Profile 2 with its AAA budget and yet the game still failed because Square-Enix doesn’t seem to understand common sense… if they did then they wouldn’t put Denuvo on Star Ocean 4.

Deep down I believe Square-Enix have a vendetta against tri-Ace. They fear that they beast they are trying to control will eventually outmatch them. I personally believe that Star Ocean 5’s failure was on purpose… that the higher-ups forced a controversy to occur that would cause the game to drop massively in sales despite the heavy pitch it got at E3. In other words, Sqaure-Enix manipulated the artists to change a character’s appearance for the sake of pissing off anti-SJW’s which inevitably pisses off me because this means that because these anti-SJW’s boycotted the game it means that the chances of getting a new Star Ocean game are dwindling more and more each day… and that’s before we even think about a Valkyrie Profile 3.

But then… a shining ray of hope appeared. Star Ocean The Last Hope was going to get a PC release. I was delighted about this as I am a firm believer that PC gaming is the future and that people will have to adapt or go mobile because consoles don’t have long for this world. Unfortunately Square-Enix systematically fucked themselves again… on purpose. This is probably to make tri-Ace completely lose all relevance in the gaming industry so they can steal their ideas once again until they can properly execute their garbage game which will never happen. Am I overly exaggerating here? Possibly. The chances of all this being true are seriously low but I am trying to paint a picture here.

Ever since Yamagishi abandoned tri-Ace to systematically destroy the Valkyrie Profile series with his shitty phone game, tri-Ace have basically served as Sqaure-Enix’s bitch for some time now… so much so that it’s sickening. Then when Kobayashi decides to bring the series back, Sqaure-Enix seem to want to make it as difficult as possible for him to succeed. It’s almost as if Sqaure-Enix were glad Yamagishi abandoned the project so they could leave Star Ocean dead and buried. Perhaps they want to keep tri-Ace free of commitments so that they can pimp them out in their next project, take all their ideas and take all the money and praise.

This is a very overly cynical viewpoint I know but It is overly cynical for a reason, like I said, I’m trying to paint a picture here, a picture that depicts my own thoughts surrounding all of Sqaure-Enix’s bullshittery over the years. When they said that they didn’t want to support lesser known IP’s anymore… they really meant it… no, really they did.

The fact that Star Ocean 4 on PC has 3rd party DRM confirms this. Square-Enix want Star Ocean to fail deliberately so that it can fall into obscurity. This saddens me greatly but is it really worth supporting a game which has shitty DRM like this? My answer is no. Feel free to support this game if you wish, I will not judge, in fact if you do, I greatly appreciate you for taking interest in a series on the verge of death. Please understand however that after weighing everything up, this just isn’t worth my money. That being said however I am still not completely against purchasing Star Ocean 3 on PSN… though I really don’t have the time to play it right now nor do I really have the desire to. If I do get that desire to replay the game then yes, I will play it. Put simply, I am not ruling out Star Ocean 3 on PS4.

In any case… this is yet another nail in tri-Ace’s coffin. Though this may not have been a voluntary death it is still a death. In fact, this is murder. Square-Enix murdered tri-Ace… when tri-Ace finally stops releasing console games I will be calling the police to report this crime.

You won’t escape this time Square-Enix… oh wait publishers always win don’t they? Forgot about that fact.