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Cynical Gaming Blog is the personal blog of Terry309/Brainjuice654 and is the home of all of his reviews and other articles. Here you will find many politically incorrect articles about games you may or may not know.

*Jumping to first tense*

If for some reason you are offended by any of the content I post, you have my sincere apologies but please realize that my reviews go beyond objectivity. This is because objectivity alone is not enough to critique a game, at least in my opinion. If you’re a frequent reader of review sites like IGN you may be disappointed upon arrival on this site.

You have a right to state your opinion on any of my blog posts, just do not be offended if I don’t agree with it. A common criticism I get from people is that I often portray certain points as facts rather than opinions. This is completely false, I am not an encyclopedia, I’m a critic and I have a right to express my opinion in any way I want even if that means exaggerating the points to build emphasis and I don’t intend to change that. So please do not argue that I am wrong and you are right because none of us are truly right. We just have different beliefs.

Of course if you want to flame me I won’t stop you but it’s not going to accomplish much.

Also I must add that none of my content is written with intent to discriminate anybody. I don’t care who you are as long as you’re a gamer and you have a passion for gaming, that’s all that matters if you’re here. If you just happen to not be a gamer and you don’t have the passion for gaming, you have probably stumbled upon the wrong website by accident, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just means that the site caters to people who are. Sorry about that.

If you just happen to be one of the lucky few who get their images featured on my blog page, chances are that they are listed as “commercial use” and I will provide a link to your flikr page (or photobomb or whatever) because I believe that credit should go where it is due. I also thank you all for providing these images for our use. To find the link see the “sources” section of my article and it will be there somewhere.

Video’s embedded on my blogs that aren’t my intellectual property will be notified

If for whatever reason you want it taken down, just contact me at:


If i’m late then I apologize for I do not check my e-mail’s often. I recommend leaving a reply on the blog post in question as it will get my attention quicker. I also recommend posting a comment via discus on one of my posts on.


I will also make it clear that any of the content in the images is not owned by me.


And I will likely reply to you.

Also I take no responsibility for any sites I link to.

Thanks for taking your time to read this boring crap. You have more patience than I do.

~ Terry309


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