Bullshit PSA: Sony ripping off its customers again…

So they weren’t content with simply charging for us. Nor were they content with promising free games only to get rid of them after your PS+ subscription ends with the hopes that their customers will never find out (which isn’t hard to do considering the gullibility of the masses these days) and now they’ve decided that because PS+ has become so popular (due to the fact that people actually paid for that crap) they have decided to increase the price tag.

It seems Moneysoft have some competition. I’m not sure they will take advantage of the situation because they are way too far up their own asses to give a damn. Besides, they’re too busy trying to dump all of their shit into the PC market and charge for them as well, good luck with that one M$.

Regardless be sure to keep an eye on your bank statements this year if you plan on signing up for this because the prices will soon be going up. If the new price tag sounds outrageous, don’t complain to Sony about it, just cancel your subscription and keep things cool. Sony don’t care about our ethical standards (like pretty much every other company in the gaming industry) so there is little point in moaning at them. Instead cancel your subscription and spread the word so that other people know what to do when they aren’t happy about a service that tries to rip them off.

After all, money is our most powerful weapon in these dark times. Let’s force Sony into near-bankruptcy so they will finally realize that their new terms are unacceptable. If only things were that easy. In any case, don’t forget to buy all of Sony’s products second-hand if you want them, buying them brand new will only go towards increasing their sales numbers which will in turn make them even more eager to extort more money out of our wallets because that’s how pretty much every gaming publisher works. Sales numbers are their only source of valuable feedback so be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing other Sony products in the future.

Sorry that this has to happen but unfortunately life isn’t always fair and we have to pay for it. I wouldn’t get too worked up about it though, us games should be used to getting the short end of the stick by now. The sooner we accept this fact and let it sweep over us, the faster Moneysoft can implement their always online console plans and digital-only gaming for their own benefit and we would all love that now wouldn’t we? Oh and let’s not forget their attempts to dominate the PC market with their Xbox Live service. If that were to happen, it would be like returning to the dark ages of World War 2, Only this time, the Russians and the Americans wouldn’t be there to save us. Think Wolfenstein The New Order when I say this, We’d be in for a very grim ordeal, not only that but our freedom of rights would be stomped out and our wallets would be siphoned by the nazi company known as Moneysoft. Ok, that might be a bit of an unfair comparison but it’s not like Moneysoft have ever played fair before.

In other news, it turns out that No Man’s Sky was a big fat lie… what a surprise. I decided it wasn’t worth my time the moment I saw some actual gameplay footage of it. It looks like your generic space survival game such as Empyrion or Space Engineers. Sad thing is, despite their countless bugs, these two games actually seem to be superior to No Man’s Sky, who would have thought?  I wouldn’t worry about Hello Games though, they’ve got their money and since they don’t have any shareholders or publishers behind them, they’re going straight to the bank with it.

In any case, we’ve been through worse, at least we’ve actually got some games this generation such as Star ocean 5. I don’t care whether you liked that game or hated it, the fact that we actually got it is progress enough. It’s better than me leaving on a sad note. As for me, I’m considering getting Horizon next year. Naturally since it’s a Sony product I will be buying it second-hand so don’t expect me to talk about it at launch because I won’t. t might be several months before I pick it up since it won’t be on my priority list, believe me.