Let’s Play Painkiller (Trauma) (Complete)

This is my full lets play of Painkiller. Chapter 1-4 are on Trauma difficulty and Chapter 5 is on Nightmare difficulty.

In this lets play I will not be using tarot cards on my Trauma playthrough. Chapter 5 is a bonus section of the Let’s Play taken straight from my original walkthrough of the game on Nightmare and I ended up using Vitality and Mercy for that playthrough. No Gold Tarot cards are used though. I don’t show all of the secrets but I do show some of them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Need For Speed Carbon Walkthrough

Need For Speed Carbon Walkthrough

Here’s my video walkthrough for Need For Speed Carbon, I had a lot of fun making this.

New Game +
(skip this section if you’re not looking for the Career Mogul reward card or skipped cutscenes)

Finale + Bonus Cars

Car Guide

Starter cars:
Mazda RX8

Out of all of the starter cars, this is the most reliable choice, you will get through pretty much every race in your first territorry with minimal effort driving this, don’t waste your time upgrading it though, it will only waste money keep it stock, you won’t even need nitrous to win. It can even hold it’s own against Kenji. Afterwards you’ll probably replace it with the arguably better RX7 should you manage to aquire it that is. If not then

Alfa Brera

As much as i dislike this car IRL it’s actually pretty efficient. If you’re going for the $1,000,000 reward card be sure to pick this as not only is it worth more selling it but it will last you until Silverton… i’m serious. That being said, the Alfa is far from perfect and is a bit more difficult to drive than the mazda but as far as speed is concerned, this is better in every way. If you consider yourself any good at racing games, take this for a spin.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Not the best muscle car of the bunch, if you pick this you’re probably going for the Dodge Charger r/t from the boss and grabbing Samson for some extra cash, it’s a viable choice for the $1,000,000 reward card for this reason but i find the Alfa route is easier.

Tier 1:
Mazda 3 MPC

About on par with the Brera in Accelleration, not much else to it really, it’s handling isn’t particularly great for a tuner. I honestly don’t see why you would buy this as the RX8 can handle the first territory, only get it if you find yourself in the Camaro and suck with it.

Chrysler 300C SRT8

This car is purely for masochists, horrible to drive and clocks around the same speed at the Brera… possibly less, it may look flashy when painted silver but don’t be fooled by the shittiness of this car.

Mercades Benz CLK 500

A common trend with Mercades in this game is that they feel very similar to muscles but with a bit more horsepower and better handling. As such this car is great for those who want a bit of both. It’s ultimately what the 300C should have been. Sadly this car is a bit expencive like most exotics and will set you back about 45k so you may question yourself if it’s really worth the purchase.

Tier 2:
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

Very slow but easy to handle. If you’re playing a new game + you might consider it as it handles well in canyons but you may as well save up for the 350Z as it has more longevity.

Volkswagen Golf R32

Fairly decent tuner, great for early drift events, not a bad price. If you absolutely insist on driving tuners and can’t afford an RX7, this is a good step-up from the RX8. Keep it stock as long as you can for maximum efficiency. I recommend tackling Wolf first if you choose this car.

Renault Clio v6

The drift prince, this car is the best choice for early drifts imo and is fairly decent in racing though the Golf is better imo since it can keep up with the exotics. If you choose to tackle the drift events early, Overall I’d skip this as the Golf is more versatile.

Mazda RX7

This car can hold it’s own in Tier 3 but will only last a few races before it becomes outclassed, still if you want to be economical, just grab it from Kenji, there’s no reason not to. If you miss it, it’s no big deal but you might want to consider upgrading your current car instead of purchasing this.

Vauxhall Monaro VXR

Finally a decent Muscle car, if you’re going the muscle route and didn’t get Angies car, grab this instead, it isn’t half as efficient but still a great choice nonetheless and handles pretty well for a muscle car.

Ford Mustang GT

I hate driving this, it’s about as fast as the monaro but handles much worse, still better than the Chrysler 300C. Put it this way, if you enjoyed driving the Chrysler for whatever reason, you’ll probably like this car too. I’d still reccommend the Monaro over this though any day as this car is 5k more and has worse handling.

Dodge Charger SRT8

Like the Gallardo is to the Murcielago, the SRT 8 is to the R/T. It handles pretty well and has some reasonable speed, some might choose this over the charger for its handling alone but the R.T has more longevity as it is faster and as such can hold it’s own against the tier 3 cars.

Dodge Charger R/T

Arguably the best Tier 2 car, this car can thrash anything in Tier 3 besides the Audi, most economical choice. Be sure to get it from Angie if you can. The handling of this car might not be easy to handle for newcommers but it will last you for Tier 2 at least. At Tier 3, this car requires a bit of skill behind the wheel to come out on top.

Lotus Elise

Mediocre car, average handling, average accelleration and isn’t all that great in the speed department, If you’re driving the Brera, skip this.

Porsche Cayman S

A decent tier 2 exotic. An improvement over the Lotus nontheless. No thrills car, gets the job done though. If you’re going for a tier 2 exotic, this is arguably your best option (unless  you have the ps2 collectors edition in which case, get the Jaguar), still i’d rather stick with the Brera to be economical. It’s handling is a double edged sword. On one hand, it handles pretty smoothly round bends. On the other hand it’s understeer makes it unfit for canyon races. Still if you’re going to pick an exotic, this is probably your best option.

Aston Martin DB9

Horrible, especially when stock, if you get this you’ll need to invest a bit into upgrades. Wolfs car is fairly decent, not essential to get though. I wouldn’t waste time trying to get it if you miss it first time. Personally I find this car to be inferior to both the Lotus and the Porsche simply due to having the worst launch of all the tier 2 cars. If you like being left in the dust, this is the car for you.

Mercades Benz SL65 AMG

Like the Porsche but better in every way, it’s a decent car which feels like a muscle but isn’t. Though why would you buy this car when it’s the same price as the Skyline? Complete and utter rip off.

Tier 3:
Nissan 350Z

The Drift King, it’s small frame and average speed make it the perfect car for sliding around in drifts, you won’t find better than this trust me. Get it if you’re having trouble with drifts and watch it whirl. In addition, this car can be handy to have in a new game + should you choose to restart the career after getting your car imponded as it can be picked up for a measly 70k, you can get that in the first territorry easy before racing any of the bosses. Be sure to upgrade it ASAP as it will always be useful. Just don’t upgrade the speed too much… unless you’re gonna use it for racing.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Love this car, great for noobs and fairly decent drifter. A good all round car, be sure to grab it if you want maximum efficiency. It’s steering is extremely sensitive, that being said, there isn’t a tight spot this car can’t get out of. Give it some upgrades though and you have quite possibly the best car in the game for fast cornering. I reccommend tuning it though, depending on what you want you may want to put grip/drift tyres on this car, I don’t recommend normal tyres.

Toyota Supra

Many swear by this car, it’s good for those who want to start Tier 3 with a fast car and want to save the Neon Mile and canyons for last and is a rather nifty drifter. However I personally don’t recommend it. The Subaru is cheaper and handles better IMO. The Supra is an acquired taste as it has a lot of oversteer, some people like it for that alone. Personally the Subaru is just better. I only recommend this car to people who want a bit more oversteer.

Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR Edition

Talk about being generic in it’s appearance, nevertheless this is the ultimate Tuner, it’s speed stat can make it handy for races vs exotics and muscles, I personally prefer the Skyline though. Noobs should pick this up ASAP. Personally I find this car way too generic for my tastes

Nissan Skyline GTR

Why would you pick this over the EVO? Well you’ll have the money for it. Plus it looks cooler IMO, just sayin. It’s only downside is it’s size. It’s just not compact enough for drift events and a little too fast. Plus it’s a lot more difficult to customize visually. I never seem to make a good looking Skyline but still, this is the car you want to grab if you want to finish the game with style.

Shelby GT 500

Waste of money, why would you want this piece of trash when you have the Dodge Charger R/T? There really isn’t much differrence between the two (though the Dodge appears slightly better imo). If for some reason you’re broke and need a muscle car, i suppose you can get this as it is the cheapest, still i strongly reccommend otherwise as it drives like a goat on ice skates.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

10k more for better, seriously this car is years better than the Shelby, it has fairly decent handling and great top speed. This car can last you for the rest of the game… with a little patience.

Dodge Challenger

Puts the Shelby to shame for only 20k more, not much else to say here. It can even give Darrius a run for his money Still the Viper is only 10k more, why would you pick this over the Viper? The Viper is just simply better, this car comes damn close though.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

This car is driven by the cops and for a good reason, it’s fast, damn fast and if you’re racing against one, you’ll have a tough time. As a car, it’s one of the best there is though it’s slightly harder to handle than other cars, it makes up for it with it’s amazing speed stats, this car would be a must have if it wasn’t for the…

Dodge Viper SRT10

The god of the racetrack, seriously this car will embarass the AI so bad that every race feels like a time trial. The Dodge Viper is an interesting car as it has the tendancy to flip over itself a lot when cornering (it sometimes even does a barrel roll) but it’s arguably the most fun car in the game to drive IMO and quite possibly the best car in career. It’s acceleration stat even thwarts the almighty Audi Le Mans Quattro. With my settings i clocked an average of around 168 mph on this and is the only tier 3 car i ever managed to reach it’s max speed from what i’ve driven. The price is significantly lower than the Corvette making this a better choice IMO. It’s possible to beat Darrius in the canyon by overtaking him in this car on the first corner. If you’re looking for a car that’s fast and hard or are a risk taker who wants to put all of his chips on the line, you can’t do much better than this. My favourie car in the game.

Lamborghini Gallardo

And here we get to the pricey ones… Nice entry-level Exotic car, not the best obviously but it’s still worth investing in upgrades should you pick it. If you’re driving exotics you’re likely not going to be economical but if you can’t handle the muscles and want a bit more speed than the tuners, this is the car for you.

Ford GT

Woah holy cow, this car looks and feels like a muscle car on steroids… only that it’s slow as fuck and is outclassed by the more expensive options. If you’re not willing to spend the extra 40k, go with the Gallardo as it’s not worth the additional 25k imo.

Lamborghini Murcielago

A great all round car, not the best at cornering but it makes up for it with it’s more balanced stats, arguably superior to the Ford GT in every way and she’s a looker. I used it as my main car through the career and it’s excellent at speedtraps and street races, canyons… not so much. If you’re going for the speedtrap reward cards, grab this. My second favourite car next to the Viper.

Porsche Carrera GT

Overpriced garbage, a shadow of what it was back in Most Wanted, don’t buy this as you’re wasting your money, get the Gallardo instead as this piece of junk is a waste of your money.

Mercades Benz SLR McLaren

A hybrid of Muscle and Exotic, by all means pick this over the Porsche, it’s very pricey though so you might want to opt for a more cheaper option if you’re going for the big bucks reward card. Still, if money’s no object, you should get this car, there’s literally nothing it can’t do, I even overtook Darrius in this, no joke. I personally find the Murcielago to be far more useful in the streets though with it’s superior handling as the SLR seems to struggle to get higher than 149mph on the roads which is a shame. On the canyons however it’s probably the most flexible option besides the Audi… but would you really pick this over the Viper? My third favourite car and a great alternative to the Murcielago.

Reward cars:

Audi Le Mans Quattro

The best car in the game, nuff sed. Handles so smooth it feels like a tuner yet it accelerates to ridiculously high speeds. They say it’s supposed to be an exotic, i still think it’s a tuner, it feels like one at least.


Literally the complete opposite of what it was in Most Wanted. This car is actually good this time, it has the best handling in the game (oh the irony) yet it drives about as fast as an SLR Mclaren. it can even hold it’s own against the Audi, though the Audi is a lot faster. This car is easier to handle though. I don’t know how you can have better handling than this. In fact, unless you’re a complete and utter idiot or are racing against an Audi, it’s impossible to lose in this car. That’s just how good this car is.


This is the vehicle you fool your friend into driving in split screen. it handles terrible but is great for blocking off thin roads when your friend is going fast for some good ol’ fun. I challenge everyone to get the drift king reward card with this.

Police Civic

Wow… just look at those stats, well i’ll be, the cops must be really stupid to be driving this bad boy so badly. This thing is surprisingly quite fast and can hold it’s own against tier 3, yet in a level 1 pursuit, they’re easily outrun even by tuners at tier 3. Its handling is pretty odd though.

Police Rhino

At first you think this car (well suv) is a joke but when you drive it, you realize you’ve been fooled. This is an excellent vehicle. Still no match for the…

Police Interceptor

Ahh the bane of every street racers existance, now you can bring it to the race and school those racer kids, show em how professionals drive. Basically a customized Corvette which barely loses to a fully upgraded Viper… just barely, that’s just how fast heat level 5 cops are.

Cross’ Corvette Z06

Hang on… this car is… stock? This guy was once chief of police, how the hell can his car be outclassed by the interceptor? And why the lack of NOS? You’re not a cop no more, you’re a bounty hunter, by taking the law in your own hands (and driving with a corvette engine) you’re essentially BREAKING THE LAW. So why wouldn’t you have NOS? Pretty dissappointing really.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 1999

This car is pretty fun to drive, in fact it’s tied with the BMW M3 GTR for the best handling in the game. Great car for players who are new to the game.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Drives very similarly to the Shelby. Slow and clumsy. At least it looks nice i suppose. Comes in red and blue colours, red being the best imo.

Murcielago LP 640

Pretty smooth handling, can hold it’s own against the BMW and the Audi. It’s a car for expert racers as it can hold it’s own against the better cars… but it requires some skill behind the wheel to master it, great choice for playing against friends who are new to the game.


Like the fire truck but slightly faster and a lot shorter, firetruck is more fun IMO though this is harder to unlock.

Painkiller Playthrough

Painkiller Playthrough

Here is my playthrough of the legendary Painkiller, easily my favorite first person shooter of all time. I uploaded this to Youtube a while back so that I could keep a record of it because I just love looking back at this awesome game. Feel free to watch it if you’re interested.

This isn’t so much of an in-depth guide moreso a playthrough for fun, I have every tarot card available so I cannot show you how to get them. However I may find secrets in the game that you may or may not know about.


The first level starts you off with the basic group of enemies, nice and easy, i do like the atmosphere too. Funnily enough this level has some very unique enemies for the most part which are never seen again throughout the entire game and don’t reappear until Overdose.

Atrium Complex

A bit of a boring level :/ But it serves it’s purpose, gets you used to dealing with so many enemies at once ald lets you practice a little with the Stakegun too. Still it’s easily one of the least impressive levels in the game and it just feels randomly put there as if it’s some kind of training level. The level design is similar to another level later on but not as good in my opinion.


I have a love hate relationship with this level. As much as i love the music and the simple yet detailed underground burial tunnels, a concept that is a staple of games such as this, the enemies in this level can prove quite annoying and theres an annoying glitch where the game crashes due to being unable to pop in the bridge. Plus the so called miniboss of this level can be quite tricky though since you’re watching this, you’ll probably know how to deal with him. This will probably be the first level you’ll ever want to use your cards in as it can get quite overwhelming later on though since i brought vitality with me, i didn’t have much problem. In any case, the super health below the bridge can help out a lot otherwise.


If you pay close attention, you’ll recognize the main hall from the intro cutscene. If the general is this close all along then why did Daniel go all the way back to the cemetery and through atrium complex and catacombs? You know what? Screw the story, this is Painkiller!
There’s a fair bit of everything in this level, you have a wide variety of enemies, mostly the same ones you fought in atrium complex but this time they’re tougher. There’s also a miniboss thrown in there too. I like the ambiance music of this level but i didn’t waste time listening to it as you’ll be able to hear it in the next video anyways.


(Contains nudity)

This is the only uncensored cut scene I recorded besides the ending because I decided that my censorship skills are absolutely terrible. I censored them due to Youtube’s nudity policy but then I looked at the videos and thought it looked awkward… so yeah, sorry about that

(Censored version, though kinda unnecessary since kids shouldn’t be watching this game anyways)

This level isn’t really much of a level, it’s actually the first boss of the game and is easily my second favorite. The Necrogiant is huge, has spikes for feet and has a wide variety of powerful attacks. The main difficulty of this boss battle is the variety of attacks he has at his disposal, he has more attacks than any other boss in the game and can devastate you if you’re unprepared. The tarot card condition, despite what many people say is possible on your first playthrough so long as you have the haste tarot card. Gold tarot cards will make this big headed fool a joke, that’s why i’m not going to use them, in his second phase, you can hide under the grave markers where the armor and ammo is to avoid the tornado and there’s health in the middle if you need it so he’s not that tough.


This level is considerably more difficult than the last levels as you are introduced to mp40 wielding hell angels and they will put up quite a fight if you’re not prepared. Try to stick to the corners and snap them with the shotgun before the have a chance to barrage you with bullets. If you’re playing on insomnia/daydream then this level will be unavailable to you.

Opera House

Ninja’s in an Opera House? What am i missing here?
In any case i take way too long bopping around in this level and die a lot too so i had to nerf the quality so i could upload faster. If you’re playing on insomnia this will be the first level of chapter 2 and unlike prison which has many corner’s to take advantage of, opera house is naturally very open but it has it’s own fair share of nasties. In any case you can’t help but take time to appreciate the aesthetic design of this level, it even has a few easter eggs.


(WARNING: If you’re easily frightened, don’t watch this video)

This level is supposed to be a breather level but how the hell could you consider a level like this to be easy going? The disturbing ambience of this level is impressive nonetheless. Keep an eye out for useful fire hydrants to use to your advantage (if you’re going for the tarot card) and watch out for lurkers behind corners, they hurt a lot.

Snowy Bridge

I hope you’re ready for more ninjas because there’s plenty of them here. Despite it’s name, there’s more to this level than you might think. There’s even a nice cable car ride thrown in there allowing you to take in the beautiful alpine views. They really thought of everything when designing this level. It also introduces the series’ most iconic weapon (besides the Painkiller itself) the electrodriver but i was having too much fun using my stake gun that i completely forgot it was there.


I always love these themes. This level reminds me of running through Stratholme back when i used to play World Of Warcraft only with less rat traps, where’s the rat traps!? Watch out for Leper Monks who throw corpses at you, they can also hit you when up close with an invisible magic attack.


This guy will deal 50 damage on nightmare (forgot how much he does on trauma but makes very little differrence) His tentacles deal 50 damage each, this can total to 100 damage i.e one hit ko unless you have blessing/vitality. This battle is the reason why i used Vitality for this run because it’s a serious pain in the ♥♥♥ boss who can 1 shot you in the cheapest way possible. Oh and by the way the shining ball attack does 100 damage so if you’re not using tarot cards, it’s a one shot kill. To kill “Swamp Thing” (how original…) you have to shoot the bubbles next to him until he turns solid, then you shoot him until he turns into a liquid again. Then you have to shoot the bubbles around the map which shoot other bubbles. Try to shoot the bubbles when they’re near him to weaken him until he goes solid then finish him with your shotgun.

(Swamp Bloopers)

As you can see, I failed multiple attempts at this guy

Train Station

Next stop… the most infuriating level so far… I swear, this level is NEVER easy. Getting the tarot card is hell on this level as you cannot collect a single soul. Now if you see the enemy count, you’ll realize how punishing this level is. The secrets also become a pain to get to as well, so much so that i skipped them all. I also missed the one carriage secret and checked all the carriages making me feel like an idiot. Thankfully I’m not doing a tarot card run, if I was, this video would take hours to record.

Abandoned Factory

Now this is my kind of level, 100’s of enemies in large packs swarming at you with tonnes of explosives littered everywhere and an awesome metal theme playing in the background. That’s what Painkiller is all about and this level illustrates that very clearly. Time to put that rocket launcher to good use…

Sadly i missed every single secret because i was way too busy having fun blowing up skeleton soldiers. God why don’t they make FPS like this anymore?

Military Base

I had to record this twice so expect a few jump cuts.

Despite the seemingly limitless amount of ammo you will get throughout this level, it is considerably less chaotic than the last level. Yes there’s tanks and mortars to watch out for but for the most part the enemy waves are a lot easier to manage. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable level but with a lot of recycled enemies you’ll have fought plenty of in the last level which might get a bit anemic.

In theory you would think this level to be a chaingun level but it felt more of a shotgun level for the most part (mainly due to those Maso Commando’s). Thankfully, Military Base combines both interior and exterior areas giving it a little more variety than the other two levels, tanks included. It just takes forever to get through which can get a little tedious.


The Guardian does more damage to the actual level than he does to you, filling the level with debris blocking your path making it difficult to move around. His weakpoint is his massive hammer but afterwards pretty much anything goes. So long as you stay back and can weave your way through the wreckage, this boss will be a breeze. His only attacks are melee (though his hammer attacks can shake the ground so you have to be jumping to avoid them but that’s what bunnyhopping is for) so he’s pretty easy to avoid, the difficulty of the battle is moving through all the rubble. Put simply, if it wasn’t a ruins before, it’ll definitely be a ruins when this guy is done.


This level was a tad disappointing, I imagined it would be bigger but it wasn’t what I quite had in mind. Perhaps I’ve played too many fantasy games. Thankfully Painkiller Overdose’s Haunted Valley has a much bigger castle, in fact the entire level is 3x the size of this one. Probably one of the few things Mindware improved on.

In any case I forgot to cut this video and to be honest I fail so much that there is little point in hiding it. This level is a breather level for the most part. With the exception of the dogs and the annoying kleer-like enemies, the enemies for the most part are quite easy tbh. I show all the holy items required to get the tarot card.

The Palace

As much as i love this level which i really do, the platforming sections never cease to annoy me every time. I skipped the super health because not only was it near pointless for me to get it (as i already had super health) but it would have taken hours to get it. To get it, you have to use the yellow ladder and jump round to one of the balconies and then you have to pray and jump onto the pillar. This level introduces a lot of new enemies including the ever annoying templars, be sure to take them out first or they’ll ruin your day.


This is quite possibly the hardest level in the entire game overall. Sure Factory on Trauma can get quite tough simply due to the sheer ton of enemies as is Forest if you count the tarot card condition but Babel without Tarot cards is simply put insane on Trauma. Thankfully there are a few cheap tricks you can pull off to avoid those damn templar barrages such as covering behind pillars and you can use Tarot cards which possibly makes it slightly easier than the next level but still the enemies of the next level are weak, if a tad annoying. In any case this and the next level are arguably the toughest levels in the game overall, this being tougher overall since it’s hard on every run be it Trauma or Nightmare, though considerably more easier on Nightmare if you’re not doing a no gold tarot run like i am.


Lots and lots of enemies… and they’re all weak, surely this must be easy… unless you’re going for the final tarot card. Doing so is pointless unless you’re a completionist but to do so you cannot use ANY tarot cards, not even Vitality (which i am using) so i make this level look a little easier than it actually is as you are stuck with 100 health and have to survive against the massive clusters of weak enemies. quantity over quality comes to mind here to pull out the rocket launcher and go crazy, try not to blow yourself up though.

Oh and by the way in case you are wondering, this level is only accessible via Trauma. If you’re playing on Nightmare difficulty or lower you will skip straight to the final boss… only the game isn’t over for you yet for you. Essentially this is the penultimate level of the game if you choose to brave through the Trauma difficulty.

Tower (Nightmare Difficulty)

Alastor is the final boss of the game (unless you’re playing on Nightmare difficulty) and he is no pushover. I’d say he’s easily one of the most overlooked boss fights in a FPS i’ve ever fought. The hard part of the battle is the fall damage you receive in between sections and dodging his attacks can be a nightmare with all the debris spread out all over.

Alastor has 4 phases, the first phase he will pop out and attack you from the air, he is really weak in this phase but you have to watch out for the falling rain of fire. His second phase gives you an armor and a super health. IF YOU ARE PLAYING NIGHTMARE/TRAUMA, ARE NOT USING GOLD TAROT CARDS AND DO NOT PICK THIS UP, YOU’RE DEAD.

(The following levels are inaccessible on Trauma difficulty)

City On Water

Chapter 5’s levels consist of mostly water themed environments so you’ll want to be careful not to accidentally fall in as Daniel can’t swim. On the other hand the water can prove to be quite amusing as you can push enemies in and watch them drown. City On Water is no exception and it’s very easy to fall in when you’re bunny hopping everywhere.

This level has wonderful architecture, very much like Venice except there is a deep red aura in the sky which possibly symbolizes that the gates of hell are very close by. All i can say is, god must really hate Venice. In any case, it’s concepts like this which keep this game fresh and exciting.

This level has some of the most annoying secrets to get, i show all the easy ones but the hard ones are a pain to get…

Oh and I killed one of the enemies with a weapon normally unavailable in Painkiller’s base game simply because it’s a pain to hit but you’re supposed to use the chaingun.


Another water themed level, unlike the previous level however there is plenty of space for you to move around, this convenience is soon thrown out of the water when you encounter the well armed enemies this level throws at you (see what i did there?).

This is probably the toughest level on Nightmare difficulty. Babel being the hardest overall, especially if you choose to use tarot cards on Trauma. The enemies have nail guns and even rocket launchers here, so you will have to outgun them before they get nasty.

There are also a hell of a lot of secrets here with platforming to boot making this an interesting level as there are multiple routes to take depending on your platforming skill. The easy path allows you to completely skip an arena should you wish to, the hard path which yields you holy items at the cost of ones time gives you another area you must get through. I skip a lot of the platforming due to time constraints and there are a lot of cut points in this video.

Old Monastery

Time to meet some familiar faces… but this time they have a few tricks up their sleeves. This level is quite unique as it is a collect-a-thon level, your goal is to collect all the pentagrams to open the gates of hell (The gates of hell located in a monestary? Oh the irony) and there are multiple routes to take (though one pentagram requires collecting another to access it and if you choose the long route, you have to save it for last). There’s quite a lot of platforming here. There is also a lot of water but it’s thankfully shallow. I will show you the quickest and most straightforward path to take but if you want to get the pentagrams in a different order, have fun wasting time. Do note that the one in the small building with the bell is only accessed after grabbing the pentagram on the hill (the one the game intends you to go for first).

If you want to take the alternate route for whatever reason, go into the water, jump through the stalagmites in the middle until you reach the other side, there is a rock here that you could theoretically jump over to reach the other side but you can’t instead you have to go in the water and jump up the rock face, you’ll know you’re in the final room when you see a giant maw and a pentagram symbol etched in a rock with a bunch of rock columns used as a path down to the final area, jump up the rocks and you’ll eventually be in the penultimate arena and encounter enemies. After that there is a gap to jump over which is hard to jump over from this side but if you jump up the edge of the wall, you can cross that gap and you’re free to explore the rest of the level… backwards. Of course once you get all the pentagrams inside, the door to the monastery will still be locked so you will have to go all the way back to the beginning of the level the way you came to collect the other pentagrams and then jump back into the water to the final area and finish the level. Then you can question yourself on why you bothered with this needlessly complicated route.


War. war never changes… especially when it’s frozen in time.

Honestly this level feels like a war museum… only with endless waves of demon souls who all want you dead. An interesting take on Hell. Easily my favorite level in the game. I love how the ambiance changes from demonic chants, to clashing swords, to WW1 comm chatter (shamelessly ripped from military base) and finally the sound everyone fears…

Lucifer is basically a puzzle boss, he’s practically invincible but he’s pretty easy when you figure out how to kill him, if you don’t you might spend a while wondering what to do. Lucifer will attack you with his sword and will sent meteorites at you. To beat him you have to shoot your morph shots at the meteors to stun him after he is stunned he will throw his sword, a single morph shot at this sword kills him instantly.

After he’s dead, have fun exploring the now hostile-free hell… or you can just watch the video the whole way through.

Tower (Trauma Difficulty)

When you beat hell (the final level of the game) you unlock Trauma difficulty. This requires you to play chapters 1 – 4 again but with tougher enemies and no souls to heal you. This is the REAL final boss of the game and this time, he means business!

This boss is near impossible without tarot cards, I’ve tried and tested, the final fall deals 135 damage (possibly more) on Trauma, even with the super health which gives you 100 extra health after the first fall isn’t enough. My new set up is Vitality and Last Stand, last stand gives you 33 life after death. This way I can make the fight more enjoyable to watch than just gunning him down with iron will abuse. In any case, the battle is exactly the same as last time, only harder, Alastor has much more health than he does on Nightmare and he loves to breath fire, you want to stick close to him with your shotgun to prevent that from happening.

If you want to beat him without tarot cards at all, you will have to get lucky and land on the pillars to minimize fall damage.


Out Of Snowy Bridge

Train Station (Hell And Damnation Xmas DLC)


Just a sneak peek at the multiplayer experience of Painkiller. It was cut short because the other player disconnected.