Welcome to the Cynical Gaming Blog!

Hello there people of the internet, how wonderful it is that you stumbled across this site. I am known by the names Terry309 and Brainjuice654, if you see anyone by that name, it’s probably me or an impersonator. In case you couldn’t tell, i’m a gamer with a passion for writing about video games, it’s been a hobby of mine for a while now and I have been writing on other sites for a year or so. Over time I’ve had my ups and downs in writing but I can safely say that the time to set up a more personal blog has come.

If you’re here, you either came from Youtube, We Are Just or Destructoid. I linger around there a lot and will still post my work over there. This is just a place to call home, A place I desperately need if I want to be taken seriously. I’m by no means a professional writer and have had zero experience in journalism. I’m just a normal guy like you who just loves video games.

Now you might be wondering why I picked the name Cynical Gaming Blog. Well for starters the gaming industry is a piece of shit. Publishers treat us consumers like lab rats by creating new systems to try and leech as much money from us as possible whilst offering very little in return, I’m sick of it. As a result I’ve grown to accept that being a gamer comes with it’s fair share of cynicism hence the name Cynical Gaming Blog. Plus it’s a simple enough domain name and it’s good enough for me. I don’t need anything too fancy just a title to identify this site rather than just Terry309’s blog which is boring and doesn’t say a lot about me at all.

Here’s hoping I don’t forget the domain name by the time this site is up and if this is the only post you see then I probably have. If so then R.I.P Cynical Gaming Blog… you were like the brother I never had and even though I only knew you for about two minutes, you will be forever in my heart.


Cynical Gaming Blog


But surely it wouldn’t come to that.

~ Terry 309